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Christian Herrnbeck, Alexandra Klei, and Annika Wienert write (translation MvdH):


About the project 141 BOXES

The project 141 BOXES was started in 2008 and deals on a implicit way with the past. 141 filled moving boxes that accumulated during his life, were gradually emptied, the content photographed, archived and stored. It is an autobiography generated by images.

From the work speaks the desire to remember what has been forgotten, as well as to bring order and structure in ones own live. Each item from the boxes tells its own story, each is connected to a memory.

This work is not only dealing with the individual memory of the artist, but also provides us with general questions: What is the identity of a human beeing? What remains of a human life? In this way van der Heijden also discusses the impact of the Holocaust on the second-generation.