De Shoah Subliem Sublimeren? (2010)
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[Sublime Sublimation of the Shoah?]

53 pages (29x29 cm) - images - text in Dutch


The subject of my thesis [Sublime Sublimation of the Shoah?] is the visual representation of the Holocaust. In the thesis two groups of literature are confronted with each other, namely (1) arthistorical and  artphilosophical literature on the sublime effect of art  (Longinus, Burke, Kant , Lyotard), and (2) (psycho)analytic theories of Freud and Jung on sublimation. The artistic strategies of Joseph Beuys, Christian Boltanski, David Leventhal, Ram Katzir, Zbigniew Libera, Roee Rosen and Boaz Arad are discussed, a possible relation between sublimation and sublime effect is suggested and a proposal for empirical psychogeografical research is formulated.